Velkommen til Nordic TC Healths hjemmeside


Vi er en naturkosmetik og helsekost forretning, placeret i hjertet af København, Store Kongensgade 6. Hos os finder du alt inden for vitaminer og mineraler, naturlægemidler, personlige plejeprodukter, skønhed og meget mere. Vores produkter er rettet mod den kvalitetsbevidste forbruger der har fokus på sundhed, velvære og økologi. Alle vores varer er produceret i Danmark, samt de øvrige Nordiske lande. Vi vejleder og guider meget gerne vores kunder til det helt rigtige valg.




Nordic Trade Coordinator ApS is focused on delivering great Nordic and European products - high-quality nutrition and health products, beauty skin care, maternal and child care products, well-known among Scandinavian consumers for its quality and their local origin. Brands are selected based on expert advise, based on a knowledge of natural substances and their production, all in line with domestic consumer’s demand.


Our Nordic TC Health shop is located in the heart of Copenhagen, only 40 meters from the tourist bus stop. We are pleased to represent and deliver great products of the Nordic and other European countries - high-quality nutrition and health products, beauty skin care, maternal and child care products. Denmark ranks as one of the "world's happiest country", according to UN’s World Happiness Report.


Perhaps, to be a happy country also means that we have one of the world's most stringent food safety system; in many ways, Danish food safety requirements are even more stringent than common EU standards. So, in Denmark, that’s the kind of production and sales that naturally enjoy customers in all ages and branches of life.


Professional Team

Brands are selected on advise from our team of experts who are based in knowledge of natural substances, all in line with the needs of domestic consumers. Selections welcomed by the majority of customers, and whether its for infants, like milk powder, products suggested for pregnant women, or a diversity of dietary nutritional supplements and cosmetics.


We ship both from our Copenhagen shop and directly to overseas mail destination - no matter where you are, you can easily experience the Nordic products to bring an ultimate enjoyment.